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The Power of Integrity
Anderson Energy Solutions, LLC is a full service energy brokerage serving commercial, industrial, and non-profit clients in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York. We provide our customers with fixed-rate natural gas and electricity contracts that allow them to better manage their costs going forward. For those clients with a deep commitment to the environment, green energy products are also available.

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency
If you want your business to consume less energy, we can provide a free energy audit and offer lighting and HVAC solutions. To determine if solar is a good investment for your home or business, please contact us for a free proposal.

What Sets Us Apart
We offer superior pricing. Our suppliers are the largest in the industry, but because we operate with nominal costs, we can offer pricing that no other brokerage can. As a client-side broker, we offer superior customer service. We work for our clients, leveraging our network of suppliers, to not only get the best price, but also the best terms.